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Factors affecting wear resistance of wear resistant ceramic coatings

Date:2023-12-14 13:35:13

Today, I'd like to talk about the factors affecting the wear resistance of wear-resistant ceramic coating

1. Powder addition:

The main wear-resistant effect of the coating is alumina ceramic powder. When the powder content is small, the wear of fulcrum bearing is small, and the coating can not be effectively protected. With the increase of powder content, the wear area of ceramics increases, the coating is protected and the weight loss decreases. When the powder content increases to a certain amount, the wear amount is very small. When the amount of powder exceeds a certain amount, the adhesion of adhesive to ceramic powder is not enough. Due to insufficient shear strength, some ceramic powders fall off as a whole and can not play an anti-wear role. The wear amount increases sharply and the wear resistance of the coating decreases.

2. Effect of powder particle size on wear resistance

When the powder particles are small, the contact area between the particles and the adhesive is small, the adhesion is not large enough, and it is easy to fall off in the wear process. With the increase of the number of powder particles, the bonding area increases, the bonding surface falls off, and the trend of bonding deformation and cracking is small. When the powder particle size reaches a certain amount, the wear amount decreases gradually. Above a certain size, the bonding defects such as pores increase, but the bonding force decreases. In the wear process, larger ceramic particles fall off and the wear amount increases sharply. The exposed adhesive layer is not protected and worn, so it can not play the role of wear resistance. Therefore, ceramic particles will also have a great impact on wear resistance, and it is inappropriate to be too large or too small.

The factors affecting the wear resistance of wear-resistant ceramic coatings are now known. If you want to know more about wear-resistant ceramics, please pay attention to us and share more knowledge in the future.


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