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The characteristics of zirconia ceramics​

Date:2023-06-06 08:08:20

The characteristics of zirconia ceramics:

Zirconia ceramics, in the family of fine ceramic materials, zirconia (ZrO2) has a high melting point, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, has a very high use temperature, and is a ceramic material with excellent toughness, so it is often used in high temperature parts. Mechanical wear parts, structural parts combined with other steel.

The excellent combination is characterized by low heat, high bending strength and low thermal conductivity, and stable high temperature performance, stable thermal shock performance, and excellent chemical stability. Therefore, it is often used in precision equipment, medical equipment, chemical industry and other fields.

①The hardness is large, the wear resistance is good, the Moh’s hardness is about 8.5, which is very close to sapphire.

②The strength and toughness are relatively large. Although there is a gap compared with metal materials, compared with other ceramic materials, zirconia is considered to be the best.

③Low thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, zirconia has low thermal conductivity in ceramic materials, which is similar to metal.

The characteristics of zirconia ceramics(图1)


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