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ZTA zirconium aluminum composite wear-resistant ceramic lining plate with good toughness for vulcanization of lining bricks

ZTA zirconium aluminum composite wear-resistant ceramic lining plate with good toughness for vulcanization of lining bricks

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ZTA zirconium aluminum composite ceramic wear-resistant lining plate is an addition of zirconia ceramic ingredients on the basis of alumina. Its wear resistance and toughness are between alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics, and it has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and strong toughness.


Product Features

1. High hardness, second only to diamond, far surpassing wear-resistant steel and stainless steel

2. Good wear resistance, with a 60% lower wear compared to alumina products

3. Lightweight, with a specific gravity of 4.2g/cm3, greatly reducing equipment load

4. Adhere firmly and have good heat resistance. Use heat-resistant adhesive to stick to the inner wall of the equipment, which can operate for a long time without aging at 350 ℃

The inorganic adhesive used for adhesive based products is wear-resistant at 750 ℃, and the adhesive has strong temperature resistance and adhesion performance

5. Strong impact resistance, combined with zirconia toughness and alertness, Fracture toughness increased by 20% compared with alumina products, and bending strength

Increase by 70%, greatly enhancing the impact of logistics on equipment

6. High cost-effectiveness, significantly increasing the service life of the equipment and reducing the comprehensive production costs of the enterprise.


Application field

Wear resistant ceramic lining are widely used in hoppers,Rubber belts,Pipes,Elbows,Valves,Fan blades,Chutes,Ball mills,Feeders,Bunkers and other processing equipment of  the Steel,Thermal power,Cement,Coal,Mine,Port chemical industry and so on.


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