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Zirconia tounghened alumina ZTA composite wear-resistant ceramic

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ZTA (zirconia toughened alumina) zirconium aluminum composite ceramic lining plate:

Compared to alumina products: higher density, better wear resistance, and significantly improved toughness;

Compared to zirconia products: low price and high cost-effectiveness;

Specific gravity: 4.2-4.3g/cm3

Mainly used for vulcanized ceramic rubber composite lining plates. Made of zirconium aluminum ceramic, high-strength natural rubber base mold, and 6mm steel backing plate. All rubber ceramic gaskets are thermally vulcanized together using specialized equipment, so the ceramics will still be in the rubber matrix, providing wear and impact protection for the lining plate.

The conventional size of zirconium aluminum composite lining bricks is 147 * 97 * 25147 * 97 * 50100 * 75 * 50, and can also be customized according to drawings.

The conventional size of the ceramic rubber composite lining plate is 330 * 330mm, and it can also be customized according to the drawings.



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