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The cylindrical ceramic liner

Date:2023-12-18 09:23:23

The cylindrical ceramic liner is a cylindrical wear-resistant ceramic column vulcanized into rubber, which can be directly installed in the wear area as a wear layer, or it can be combined with the steel plate and installed and fixed by stud bolts or welding.

Compared with square, hexagonal, triangular and other ceramic rubber vulcanized liners, the rubber coverage of cylindrical ceramic liners is higher, which can play a better cushioning role and stronger impact resistance; ceramic cylinders have fewer sharp corners than other shapes of liners, and are not easy to collapse and break porcelain when impacted by materials; cylindrical ceramic rubber three-in-one liners adopt modular design, production and assembly, which can replace heavy wear areas, and installation and replacement are simple and fast.

It is widely used in cement plants, power plants, steel plants, mines, wharves and many other industries in the material wear and tear of serious materials, strong impact of the conveying equipment and systems. Because the cylindrical ceramic liner has a large rubber composition, it is necessary to avoid high temperature conditions as much as possible.


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