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The dovetail card groove ceramic liner

Date:2023-12-22 08:18:15

The dovetail card groove ceramic liner is to fix the dovetail ceramic through a stainless steel guide rail to the equipment that needs to be abrasion-resistant. When using, weld the dovetail guide rail to the part that needs to be abrasion-resistant, and control the spacing to ensure the gap between the ceramics. Then the special ceramic with dovetail notch is snapped to the guide rail, and the ceramic is connected in series along the direction of the guide rail to complete the installation.

The dovetail card groove ceramic lining has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, no shedding and long life, and can choose ceramics of various thicknesses according to wear conditions, customize various special-shaped structure equipment, and form an impact-resistant wear-resistant layer. It is widely used in anti-wear equipment in thermal power, mining, cement, smelting and other industries.


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