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Application of ZTA zirconia toughened alumina ceramics

Date:2023-12-25 16:26:05

(1) Mechanical aspect.  ZTA zirconia toughened alumina ceramics are widely used in the cutting of difficult to machine materials such as hard material cutting, high-speed steel cutting, and ultra high speed cutting due to their high hardness, strong high-temperature mechanical properties, good wear resistance, good chemical stability, and resistance to bonding with metals.


(2) Industrial aspect. At present, there are various types of industrial valves, and the commonly used valves for aluminum oxide industry are plug valves, gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, etc.


(3) In terms of electronics and power. There are various alumina ceramic substrates, substrates, ceramic films, transparent ceramics, as well as various alumina ceramic electrical insulation ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, etc. Among them, alumina transparent ceramics and substrates are the most widely used.


(4) In terms of chemical engineering. In terms of chemical applications, alumina ceramics also have a wide range of applications, such as alumina ceramic chemical filler balls, inorganic microfiltration membranes, corrosion-resistant coatings, etc. Among them, alumina ceramic membranes and coatings have been studied and applied the most.


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