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Quality appraisal method for wear-resistant ceramic lining plates

Date:2024-03-08 09:27:13

1. Measure tolerance: Use a vernier caliper to measure the length, width, and height of the wear-resistant ceramic lining plate. Aluminum oxide ceramics have a certain shrinkage rate, so they all have a certain tolerance range.

2. Density measurement: The alumina content can be calculated by measuring the density. The density of the ceramic lining plate is 3.6g/cm3, and the density of the 95 ceramic ceramic lining plate is 3.65 g/cm3. The drainage method is applied for accurate density measurement.

3. Hardness measurement: Hardness can be measured under experimental conditions and should be tested according to the method specified in GB/T16534.

4. Conduct a wear resistance test and measure the wear using a sandblasting machine under the conditions of a pressure of 4.0kg/cm3, a distance of 50mm, a spraying angle of 45 degrees, and a time of 60 minutes. A good wear-resistant ceramic lining board has a flat surface, no black spots, a smooth and rough color, and a white lining board with a jade texture.

5. Kiln temperature control. Especially for ceramic linings with a thickness less than 10 millimeters, high stability of kiln temperature is required. Excessive heating or uneven cooling and heating can cause deformation of the lining.


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