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One of the Forming Methods for Alumina Ceramic Plate - Dry Compression Forming

Date:2024-03-13 08:49:30

Dry pressing molding method: This molding process is only used for workpieces with simple shapes, inner thickness exceeding 1mm, and diameter and length not exceeding 4:1. There are two methods: single axis and double axis. Press machines are divided into mechanical room presses and hydraulic presses. There are fully automatic and semi-automatic forming methods available. The maximum pressure of the press is 200 megapascals, and it can produce approximately 15-50 workpieces per minute. Due to the uniform distribution of stroke pressure in hydraulic presses, the height of the pressed workpiece will also vary depending on the filling powder. On the contrary, mechanical pressure will generate corresponding pressure with the amount of powder filled. The size is easily reduced after sintering, which affects product quality. Therefore, the uneven distribution of powder during the dry pressing process is particularly important for filling and has a significant impact on the precise size control of the manufactured alumina wear-resistant ceramic parts.


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