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Construction process of wear-resistant ceramic sheet

Date:2024-03-20 09:00:08

1. Before coating wear-resistant ceramic sheet on the steel surface, the steel parts are not treated well, some are not derusted completely, and some are not smooth. In order to obtain good construction effect, the steel structure shall be sand blasted and pretreated. At the same time, wipe the steel surface with acetone to achieve a certain degreasing and degumming effect;

2. The proportion of wear-resistant ceramic adhesive is wrong, and the proportion of different adhesives is different. It must be strictly controlled that the proportion is inappropriate and the viscosity cannot be reached;

3. The wear-resistant ceramic glue is applied unevenly, and it is easy to fall off where there is no glue or too little glue. After the construction of wear-resistant ceramic sheet, gently tap the solid surface with a rubber hammer, and the construction surface shall be flat;

4. Before the construction of wear-resistant ceramic sheet, its working temperature must be known, and the wear-resistant ceramic sheet can withstand 1000 ℃ high temperature. Adhesives with different temperature resistance should be selected at different temperatures, otherwise, wear-resistant ceramic sheets are easy to fall off with the increase of temperature;

During the construction of wear-resistant ceramic sheets, attention shall be paid to the above problems to avoid the falling off of wear-resistant ceramic sheets.






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